• About Yardale

    Healing, Wellness and Weight Loss made simple.

    Yardale is a holistic wellness and personal development company that caters to healing the individual and raising his or her spiritual consciousness. We help make you happy, healthy, and whole.


  • Methods

    We're transparent about our personal development and wellness methods.

    Mindset Training

    Through the use of positive affirmations, subliminal messaging techniques and journaling we will alter your thoughts and eventually create positive new belief systems.

    Water Fasting + Dietary Changes

    Temporary, but radical dietary changes are often necessary to support your natural healing process. Both fasting and the Paleo Diet increase anabolic hormones while decreasing bodily inflammation. At Yardale, there will be a customized and predictable dietary plan for you that will become easy to follow after the first few days.

    Energy Healing

    There are various scientifically effective methods to process old traumatic memories on all upsetting childhood subject matter. When negative memories are accessed and accepted, they release from your body, leaving a sense of calm tranquility and freedom from old mental habits.

  • Q & A

    Commonly asked Questions.

    How would you describe your coaching style?

    I support my students using encouragement, motivation, and directness on the most effective methods for personal improvement and life transformation.

    What makes you qualified?

    Besides having my Masters Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Interpersonal Practice (from University of Michigan), I have had countless personal success in addition to great results with others using my mindset, goal setting, and healing models. I have helped many overcome challenges and make vast improvements to their wellbeing   

    How to you work with your students?

    Until Yardale gets a physical campus, I work with students mostly over the internet using Facetime, Skype, or over the Phone.

    How long and How much?

    I give 30 minute sessions at a time and I charge 100 dollars per session.

    What are sessions like?

    The initial session is a basic assessment and recommendation specific to your goals. Follow up sessions are encouraging while we go over your progress, I answer your questions, and we review any changes that may need to take place.

    How do I pay you?

    I accept either Paypal or Venmo. Initial Payments must be made ahead of time. Both have apps available on your smartphone that are easy to setup. It takes less than 5 minutes to link your accounts to your credit or debit card account.  

    Is there a safe place to stay while I make these changes?

    Yardale eventually is going to become a physical school with its own gorgeous campus where students can stay, rest, and play and receive the benefits of a community while undergoing their physical and emotional healing (est. 2020) For now, you will have to make the following changes in your home environment

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